Glowy Skin All Year Round

Glowing Skin all year round.

We are in the Winter season which means we have less sunshine and more skin dryness.


Below are some tips to help keep your skin glowing, moisturized and supple througout the winter. 


Eat lots of fruits that has Vitamin C like Kiwi, Citrus fruits, berries and Avocado. 





Exfoliate your body every other day with a body scrub.

Exfoliate your face every other day with a face scrub.

Get glowing skin by applying Grapes on your face. Slice the grapes into half and rub the flesh on clean, damp skin. The acid in grapes is a natural exfoliant.



Soften and tone your skin with Rose water. You can get rose water from the store or you can boil rose petals and use the water as a toner.



To get a glowy skin try this smoothie recipe


Glowy Skin Smoothie


2 cups of Almond milk

1 tbsp spirulina powder

1 kiwi

1 Avocado

2 bananas

Blend all the ingredients together and enjoy.


DIY lotion


Whip together 

1 cup shea butter

1/2 cup cocoa butter

2 tbsp almond oil

2 tbsp aloe vera gel


The lotion will help battle the dry skin and the smoothie will give you a glow due to the high level of Vitamin C in it.


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