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Abby Ayoola

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I know you have heard countless times that the most important thing we need in our body is WATER. We can survive without food longer than we can survive without water. Water is the main transport in the body that delivers nutrients to all the cells. It is also essential for proper digestion. It helps us absorb nutrients, assimilate nutrients  and eliminate waste from our body. Our body can exist for about 5 weeks without food, but about 5 days without water.

Our body is 60 percent water, muscles and brain are about 75 percent, our blood is approximately 82 percent water and our bones is approximately 25 percent water. 

The amount of water you drink daily depends on how much you  weigh. To determine your water needs in ounces and liters  take your body weight in pounds and divide it by 2 that's how much ounces of water your body needs, then convert the number in ounces to liters. For example lets say I weigh 150lbs. I will divide 150/2= 75 ounces. 75 0unces converted into liters is 2.2L. In order for my body to work optimally I need 2.2L OF WATER intake daily. if you can't drink plain water I suggest you infuse it with lemon, ginger, grapefruit, cucumber, and other fruits of your choice. There is  a runny joke in my house, whenever my kids come to me and complain about stomach ache, joint pains or headaches, my first answer is go and drink more water. drinking adequate water daily will eliminate any digestion problems that you have. Drink up and stay hydrated.


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